UA Room Competition

Since Staz didn’t care for Fuyumi’s room (see earlier Blood Lad post) it made me think of the room competition they had at UA, when class 1A moved into the dorms on My Hero Academia. I’m sure Staz would’ve deemed them more interesting than Fuyumi’s! Okay maybe not Uraraka or Ojiro’s rooms.

My favorite rooms were Todoroki and Deku’s! Enjoy their rooms below! If you haven’t already, watch the episode “Moving into Dorms”, Season Three, of My Hero Academia if you want to see all of the contestants.

Don’t be embarrassed Deku! Not only is All Might amazing, and a great mentor, he’s The Symbol of Peace!

Mineta immediately knew where to look in Ojiro’s room (he didn’t find anything). Ahem. Anyways I think the girls were most excited about seeing Todoroki’s room…

Okay baking desserts in your room gave you an unfair advantage Sato! But we know it wasn’t an intentional bribe lol. Even if you didn’t see this episode, I’m sure you can guess who won the room competition.

Blood Lad


I just started Blood Lad, and I am enjoying it; the humor, the characters, and the story. The main character, Staz-san, is a vampire and he is the Territory Boss. He is the leader of that part the demon world.

You’d think as a Territory Boss, and vampire, Staz would be a terrifying presence. While he is incredibly powerful and strong, he’ll only fight when he absolutely has to. Staz is an otaku, obsessed with the human world, video games, manga, anime, and figures. He’s pretty content staying at home and enjoying his collection.

Some elements of the Staz character reminds me of Yato from Noragami. They both come off as slackers but their strength of character is very evident when they are engaged with the world around them.

A human girl stumbles into the demon world, specifically Staz’s territory. Since he is in charge, one of his lackeys Deku, calls to tell him about the human and follows the orders to bring her to Staz’s place (of course Staz first asks where is his DVD). Staz is a nervous mess coming up with topics of conversation and deciding what to wear.

It’s love at first sight. At least on Staz’s end.

Sir, please calm down! We just met! You don’t even know my name yet! You’re too intense!

Of course he’s asking her questions about video games (I’m guessing it was Final Fantasy?)

Unfortunately (or fortunately, because Staz was giving off some major “about to be a stalker vibes”) she gets eaten by a plant.

Now she is a ghost, and she is stuck with Staz (never mind, being alive was the better option). He vows to bring her back to life. He’s not sure how, but he’s adamant about doing it.

He’s polishing her bones, so they’ll be ready for her resurrection. But she doesn’t like that he wants to store them by his game console.

Fuyumi (the human girl/ghost) tells Staz about the portal she accidentally entered from the human world. After confirming the portal’s location (and because Staz needed shampoo), he takes her to a restaurant so she can get a medical clearance. The owners, Saty and Mamejirou, are able to see all with their third eye. Since his dream girl is a ghost now, Staz wants to make sure she can make the trip.

Meanwhile, Fuyumi is enamored with the cuteness of Mamejirou.

Staz really wants to visit the human world. Earlier he did not want to go because of the sun and leaving his otaku collection, but his vow to Fuyumi and his desire to grow his otaku collection prevailed.

Just where does the portal lead exactly? And how did Fuyumi accidentally enter it? Oh because it’s in her room, her closet to be specific. And it looks like her room is about to be judged…

While in her town Staz enjoys the sights and is a total tourist, taking photos of everything. He’s fascinated by everything in the human world. He was only…a little embarrassing?

Fuyumi is understandably distraught being back at school knowing she’s no longer alive. Plus Staz sprayed everyone (including her dad!) with his spit (diluted in water since it lets him control people), so they all think they saw Fuyumi at school yesterday when she was actually in demon world. And no one thinks it’s weird that she is a ghost, or didn’t bring her books to class today. Fuyumi is forlorn and wants to disappear. As she is becoming more and more translucent, and despondent, Staz feeds her some of his blood to stop her from fading away.

When Fuyumi became a ghost, Staz thought he wasn’t attracted to her. But maybe his initial feelings were more than physical attraction. Later in the hall, he wonders why he was compassionate towards her, then has a realization.

That’s UA For You! (I Like Stuff Like This Too!)

So brute strength wasn’t the only requirement to being a hero? Personality, character, and integrity matter?! If so, Bakugo’s in trouble…

Yup and now Bakugo knows how it feels! Maybe he’ll become a nicer person now? Ehhhh….

Haha me too Uraraka!

All Might’s American Dream Plan

What a great mentor! All Might is training with Deku to get him ready for his upcoming entrance exam for U.A. High School, a school that trains and prepares students to become heroes. Not only is All Might his mentor, but Deku has looked up to him for years, and holds him in the highest regard. No pressure!

One of Deku’s greatest qualities is he rarely, if ever, takes anything for granted and is always appreciative and thankful for the help and chances he’s given. Plus he always gives it his all.

Go Beyond! Plus Ultra!

My Hero Academia

I am late to the party, but I now realize, and totally get why everyone loves My Hero Academia. The characters, at least my favorites, have such passion, discipline, integrity, humor, and amazing work ethics. They’re self-sacrificing (but realize they also need to take care of themselves) and are full of the wonderful traits that make someone a true hero.

Does a “quirk”, a superhuman trait or ability, make someone a hero? Does using your quirk only for good make you a hero? Or does a hero have something more? Something they’re born with, that’s at their core, their heart, and their very being?

I’m almost done with season three and I cannot wait for the new season next month!

New York Moments

Saw Hamilton with a friend last year! Really enjoyed it.

I’ve taken Reiki classes and am always interested in perusing books on the topic, as well as other healing modalities.

Namaste has another store a few shops down.

Some neat items at pop-up shops.