Me Being Stubborn

Everyone has “that friend” who is like Present Mic. I’m guilty of being him at times too! Ha!

Drink It

As soon as Kokonotsu (“Coconuts”), leaves the coffee shop, her brother is giving her grief. So much for being secretly in love with his best friend…

Org Charts and Management Feedback

Even the League of Villains needs an org chart apparently…

Wooooow. Good thing he’s not doing your end of year eval Shigaraki.

True that’s how I feel about bringing people into the friend circle haha. (No shallow, self-centered, materialistic people please!) But Shigaraki, I can’t help but think your reaction is based on his poor rating of your management skills.

Twice, considering his life’s decisions leading him to this moment.

Guitar Care 101

K-On! A Slice of Life anime about gal pals and their friendship. It is slow paced, but good when you just want to unwind, or on a rainy day like today. Watching on Hulu.