Kill La Kill

I feel personally attacked!

Kill La Kill is pretty absurd, and more violent than the anime I usually gravitate towards (shoujo, romance, slice-of-life, or comedy), but the main character, Ryuko Matoi, is so badass I can’t stop watching! I’m currently on episode 11, watching on Hulu. Before I get the eye rolls, yes I know her outfit is rather skimpy, but I don’t think it detracts from her as a strong character.

Oh man were there male teachers that cute when I was in school?

However this one is definitely giving off creeper vibes.

Oh right, we’re at school. Let’s focus on achieving and less on fighting.

Twist Fate

My Favorite Scene


This was my favorite episode of Season 4 of My Hero Academia so far. Please watch it on Hulu if you haven’t already. We met a new character, learned about All Might and Sir Nighteye’s history, and had a touching scene between Deku and his mentor.

See episode for the details of their argument

Deku trained so hard with All Might. He worked diligently to clean up that beach!

Side Note: People need to stop polluting.

The beach scene! Returning to the place where all their hard work started. One of my favorite moments of the series (when All Might retires and says he will devote himself to training and raising Deku so they can continue working hard together)

I was crying too Deku! Except I’m what they call, an ugly crier.

Drink It

As soon as Kokonotsu (“Coconuts”), leaves the coffee shop, her brother is giving her grief. So much for being secretly in love with his best friend…