I’ve Been Told That Line Too…

…but maybe it can be true in Anime Land

Looks like Namura and Meiko have reunited. But what about Miwa and Ryoko?

Miwa always encouraged and supported Meiko, and he stood up for her. I found him annoying at first, but he was honest in his feelings and helped Meiko.

Ryoko always tried to be a good friend, and teacher, despite her feelings for Namura.

I hope their characters get a happy ending, since they didn’t get the ending they hoped for.

Same here Meiko!

Judged By Nature

So the earlier prayer (see post below) was acceptable but this prayer for Namura and Meiko’s reunion gets judged by the Animal Kingdom?!


Because I know if I’m angry, and my eye is twitching like Miki’s, the first thing I’d reach for would be orange juice.

Too Dramatic

I was digging this show, but it’s getting way too dramatic. I’ll see it through to the end, but I don’t like how it feels watching it. It used to feel light-hearted, happy, and optimistic. Now it feels like distrust and assumptions.