New York in November

My friend joined me in November for my New York visit. I’m so glad she was able to join because I had a blast and enjoyed her company and conversation. We did a lot of walking and thankfully we had great weather, albeit a little chilly, it was not as cold as it could’ve been. She enjoyed the history and sights of Ellis Island and visited the Statue of Liberty while I was at Anime NYC. We had great luck on our first day of the trip because we scored discounted tickets for great seats at Wicked on Broadway! The hotel we stayed at was about a mile from Javits so it was an easy walk for me (despite my innate tendency to get lost). We enjoyed meals at The Pennsy Food Hall, Junior’s, and Friedman’s (no BNHA / My Hero Academia theme unfortunately) but the food was delicious. Below are some photos from our New York visit.

Anime NYC 2019

This is an overdue post about the time I went to Anime NYC, back in November. I had a great time and I met friendly people. Since I find crowds overwhelming, I only went on Friday.

In case you’re wondering the lanyard is from the last con I went to, Anime USA.

I was dressed as Ms. Joke from My Hero Academia (photos on Instagram). I don’t use Instagram much, but it was an easy way to keep up with new people I met, and get updates on the event itself. A UA student I ran into found Aizawa and we took a quick photo. I was glad they were both so friendly! I wore a shirt from Red Bubble by cloudcxndy.

If you get a chance to check out Anime NYC in the future, plan ahead because a lot of the hotels were already booked that were within walking distance. And if you buy your Anime NYC pass early it’ll be a better price, than waiting until the event.

The Javits Center is beautiful, it has tons of natural light, it’s very open (which helps a crowd not feel as overwhelming), and it is gigantic. There’s ample seating and good spots for photographs. If you felt overwhelmed it was easy to find a quiet corner, at least on Friday when I attended.

The Exhibit Hall and Artist Alley opened at 1pm on Friday. There was a crowd waiting and you could feel how excited they were to explore all of the anime related vendors. The line was well organized and it never felt chaotic, despite it being crowded. Having been to several conventions, this was the first one that I noticed there were a lot of attendees with varying abilities. Hopefully that means Anime NYC, and the Javits Center, were proactive in making it accessible to everyone.

Surprisingly not a lot of the vendors sold dvds, I counted three or four. Some vendors sold a few, but there was a small number of vendors that primarily sold anime dvds. But tons of vendors had figures if you collect those. (Side note, Right Stuf Anime, and Sentai had amazing Black Friday sales, like $4.99 for the entire season of Tamako Market on dvd, so I will try to hold out for those deals going forward). There were several food vendors and the Javits Center also had a Starbucks and food court area. There are also some healthier options if you’re looking for lighter fare.

There were anime fans that were younger than me but lots around my age, and older. I enjoyed seeing fans of all ages because it speaks to the diversity and reach that anime has, and the impact it has across generations. The families with their cosplays were fun to see too! It was apparent the kids (and parents) had a blast dressing up.

I wanted to see the special showing of In/Spectre , but I had to catch my ride home so unfortunately I missed it. But I look forward to watching that on VRV! I also wanted to watch Weathering with You, which had a premiere at Anime NYC, but I will watch it when it comes to theaters later this month (I already got my ticket!).

I think Deku would approve!
Tomoe, from Kamisama Kiss, is one of my favorite characters!
Somewhat healthy dinner
Very healthy snack for the ride home!
A day well spent

New York Moments

Saw Hamilton with a friend last year! Really enjoyed it.

I’ve taken Reiki classes and am always interested in perusing books on the topic, as well as other healing modalities.

Namaste has another store a few shops down.

Some neat items at pop-up shops.

New York

So much to see and do in New York! I’ve been a few times and it’s always interesting.

New York is even better than it was portrayed in Marmalade Boy (I am going to finish that series sometime, but I got distracted by My Hero Academia and busy with life).

I went to visit a friend, but while in town I figured I’d search for anime and anime related items. I visited Image Anime, Kinokuniya, and Bookoff. Of the three stores, I found Bookoff carried more of the anime genres I like and they had great prices.

Have you seen ReLife, Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, or Himouto! Umaru-chan? At some point I’ll write a post on these!

Have you seen Engaged to the Unidentified? It made me laugh, look for a post in the future.

I went to several restaurants that I enjoyed; Nakamura Ramen, Cafe Zaiya, Wasabi Sushi & Bento, Landmark Tavern, and Eat Thai.

Of course now I can’t remember what my friend and I ordered, but it was delicious!

Cafe Zaiya is in the Kinokuniya Bookstore. I just got onigiri and a jelly cat. It was a yummy snack! Plus this cafe has a great view of Bryant Park.

Food that’s fresh, tasty, and relatively healthy! Sign me up!

Definitely recommend the Bangers and Mash! Excellent customer service too.

Fresh air, a cool breeze (courtesy of the fan), and a view.

The papaya salad was invigorating.

Had to order the Pad Thai! Scrumptious!

Thankful that these restaurants had friendly staff and delicious food. Would absolutely visit these places again!

And in addition to great food, I got to check out some cool stores.

Will post later about the rest of my trip to New York.