Final Thoughts on Kaleido Star

I just finished watching Season 1 of Kaleido Star. Fool aside, it is a very wholesome series, and it has great themes like friendship, family, hard work, perseverance, and faith in yourself.

I gave it a 7 rating on My Anime List. I liked it, but the anime series that I truly love, the ones that are my absolute favorites, are the ones where I feel like I absolutely MUST watch the next episode. Or I feel a special connection to a character. I did not feel that way with Kaleido Star, so I probably won’t watch Season 2 (but if I do watch it I’ll share my thoughts).

It was neat watching their performances on Kaleido Star. The Legendary Great Maneuver , which defies the laws of physics, was enjoyable. And the theme song “Take It, Shake It” by Sugar was catchy. During a climatic scene, Yuri saves Sora’s life, but I don’t recall her ever thanking him. And I was hoping to get a love confession from Ken! It was a calming series, and full of goodness. It just didn’t capture my full attention.

But here are some scenes from Fool babysitting a seal for your LOLs!

And of course, the part when they had to get a part time job, made me chuckle!

If you watched the series please let me know your thoughts!