What About Your Friends?

There is a scandal at school and everyone is talking about Meiko and Na-chan. Personally, I liked them together. Don’t judge me!

Now that it’s out, teachers and students alike are gossiping about their relationship. Meiko has returned to school, and everyone is whispering about her. But never fear, she has some of the best friends a gal could ask for. They don’t judge her, they’re supportive, positive, and they stand up for her!

The look that says, “I know you’re not talking about my girl Meiko!”

And if you were, we will shun you! You are dead to us.

Speaking of friends, I guess it’s okay to say things like this, if it’s within the friend circle and directly to someone’s face?

Do not do this. Doing this is a bad idea. You’ll probably get a response like below, or worse. Ginta, come on really. That is not how you woo a lady.

But it’s all good. Miki is resilient and nothing can keep her down.

What does that even mean Yuu?!