Walking Alone, Minding Her Own Business

Miki is walking alone, minding her own business, yet even in anime land, it looks like she doesn’t have the ability to do that safely.

Just when we were worried Miki was going to have to use all her skills she hopefully learned in a self defense class, and call upon God for safety, her angels appeared.

Miki was looking for Yuu earlier, and now he has finally returned after a mysterious outing with Satoshi (Miwa-san).

We find out why Yuu has such a strong reaction to Miki’s curiosity, but the girl was already grabbed by two assholes earlier, so Yuu’s response is ill-timed, at best.

Yuu and Miki

At least Yuu and Miki’s date is going better than Satoshi and Meiko’s. Yuu won a Kappa stuffed animal for Miki in an earlier episode, and has won even more stuffed Kappas for her! As a reward, he gets to lug them all around for her while she shops. What a fun date he’s having!

Meiko and Satoshi

This forced date is not going well…

Besides being class president, Satoshi does have another positive trait. He accepts Meiko as she is, and doesn’t ask her for forced smiles. Although he is persistent to the point of being almost annoying, I feel bad knowing her heart still belong to Na-chan. I think Satoshi knows.

My Girl is Stubborn

Even in anime land, running is revered by all…

I really want to ask her if she just finished eating a popsicle or what’s up with her lip gloss.

Like me, my girl Miki is stubborn, and I love her for it. Although we should’ve considered the repercussions of challenging someone to a race…

Does it count as losing if someone runs into a pole and then passes out?

What About Your Friends?

There is a scandal at school and everyone is talking about Meiko and Na-chan. Personally, I liked them together. Don’t judge me!

Now that it’s out, teachers and students alike are gossiping about their relationship. Meiko has returned to school, and everyone is whispering about her. But never fear, she has some of the best friends a gal could ask for. They don’t judge her, they’re supportive, positive, and they stand up for her!

The look that says, “I know you’re not talking about my girl Meiko!”

And if you were, we will shun you! You are dead to us.

Speaking of friends, I guess it’s okay to say things like this, if it’s within the friend circle and directly to someone’s face?

Do not do this. Doing this is a bad idea. You’ll probably get a response like below, or worse. Ginta, come on really. That is not how you woo a lady.

But it’s all good. Miki is resilient and nothing can keep her down.

What does that even mean Yuu?!

Yuu and Miki…Home Alone

What a dramatic and interesting ride Marmalade Boy has been so far!

Some of it is frustrating, (like why are we even bothering with Ginta, we know Yuu is the one for Miki), but incrementally our lead character is realizing her true feelings. It’s difficult to stop watching after one episode! I’m on the edge of my seat!

Well! Looks like the parents are going on vacation and leaving the kids home alone for a few days. What tantalizing way will they spend time together? Oh, looks like…grocery shopping.

See that? Yuu’s sweating. He can already hear that register ca-ching! Even though that credit card the parents left them was supposed to be for emergencies. I mean, they have to eat right? And apparently this poor girl has never had sour cream potato chips!

Sounds about right.

With all these groceries, what a scrumptious feast these kids will enjoy! Miki kept saying how she was going to make a great meal. I guess she forgot she takes after her mother.

Thankfully, Yuu can cook. A man after my own heart. And polite!

Yes honey please make me a delicious dish while I sit here and watch my anime. Does this guy not exist in real life?!

Did we actually make it without any awkward situations? Almost.

Cool your jets lady! No, it’s not. Yuu went to grab a scary movie. But we should’ve seen that coming. He was hoping you’d get scared. Oldest trick in the book.

But now it’s time to shower and get ready for bed.

PSA: If you see a closed bathroom door, always knock first! And lock the door when you’re in the bathroom!

Jokes aside, Yuu was a gentlemen. Even when Miki stayed way too long in the water, overheated, passed out in the bathroom, and he had to carry her to her room.

So what did we learn? Besides Miki is a pervert?

Marmalade Boy

I started watching Marmalade Boy. This being a shoujo anime, it’s full of fun and romance (and some drama). The premise is of course, absurd.

Only a few episodes in, and we already get a kiss! Excellent, perhaps this relationships will progress nicely (if others don’t interfere!)

Okay their parents haven’t remarried yet, so that isn’t her step-brother, in case anyone is giving me the side eye. But yes, they are living in the same house. And people from their past have made declarations of their love, so that’s causing some drama.

Looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds!


Final Thoughts on Kaleido Star

I just finished watching Season 1 of Kaleido Star. Fool aside, it is a very wholesome series, and it has great themes like friendship, family, hard work, perseverance, and faith in yourself.

I gave it a 7 rating on My Anime List. I liked it, but the anime series that I truly love, the ones that are my absolute favorites, are the ones where I feel like I absolutely MUST watch the next episode. Or I feel a special connection to a character. I did not feel that way with Kaleido Star, so I probably won’t watch Season 2 (but if I do watch it I’ll share my thoughts).

It was neat watching their performances on Kaleido Star. The Legendary Great Maneuver , which defies the laws of physics, was enjoyable. And the theme song “Take It, Shake It” by Sugar was catchy. During a climatic scene, Yuri saves Sora’s life, but I don’t recall her ever thanking him. And I was hoping to get a love confession from Ken! It was a calming series, and full of goodness. It just didn’t capture my full attention.

But here are some scenes from Fool babysitting a seal for your LOLs!

And of course, the part when they had to get a part time job, made me chuckle!

If you watched the series please let me know your thoughts!