Biomagnetic Therapy

People should visit their doctor and follow medical advice. And there are health conditions where working with magnets is a very bad idea, like if you have a pacemaker. I am just writing about my personal experience.

A friend suggested I try a magnet therapy session. In a treatment, the practitioner puts magnets on various parts of the body, while the client is on a table fully clothed. She did an assessment, and I don’t know how she did it, I’m sure a lot was her intuition, but she knew things about my health I hadn’t told anyone about. I want to take a class so I can learn more about the treatment and the concept behind it.

When the magnets were on me, it felt like parts of my body were pulsating. For some magnet placements, small pillows propped them up, so it was comfortable. After the magnet placement, and discussion of health assessment and goals, the practitioner did a chakra clearing. She also did aromatherapy. I felt like I was floating, or as she said “vortexing”. At certain times during the chakra clearing I felt warmth and tingling (noting areas that needed additional clearing or attention). Certain aspects of the chakra clearing, felt like Reiki. I took a Reiki Master class a few years ago, and have found it beneficial in helping me in my daily life and feeling more peaceful. And having this session made me feel very peaceful, much like Reiki.

After the session, I felt like my senses were heightened. Lights seemed brighter. During my drive home, I stopped in a parking lot until the light sensitivity subsided.

There’s definitely something to it. I had a good experience with my session, and I look forward to going again. The practitioner, a friend of a friend, was so warm, authentic, and genuine. With my many questions, we did go over our original appointment time, but she was patient and explained everything. Even when discussing aspects of my personality (the parts I’m not proud of lol), she was kind in her approach. Her treatment room was very calming, soothing, and zen-like. She was even kind enough to send me home with a delicious dinner! She wanted me to be able to relax once I got home and not worry about making myself a meal. The practitioner recommended I drink a lot of water. I slept extremely well and I felt refreshed the following morning.

I’m eating the green veggies for my blood that she suggested!