More Salt

Me wondering if I need more salt to purify 2020 and this current situation 😅😩🤦‍♀️🤣🤔

Get Involved

I’m watching Kuroko’s Basketball / Kuroko no Basket on VRV / Crunchyroll. I have a Haikyuu void and wanted to watch a sports anime that was uplifting. I attempted to watch Battery on Amazon Prime, but then I started getting the vibe that was not going the direction I was hoping. I may give it another chance down the road. So far Kuroko’s Basketball is exactly what I was looking for.

Tetsuya Kuroko, one of the esteemed members of the Generation of Miracles (a group of elite players from Teiko Junior High) is now attending Seirin High. He was on a team that always won, but he’s looking for something more. In this aspect, he reminds me of Haiji Kiyose from Run with the Wind / Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru. Kiyose was looking for the an answer essentially to the question, “what is running?” I think Kuroko is looking for what is basketball. In episode five, of season one, Kuroko has a conversation with his former teammate, who was also a member of the Generation of Miracles, Ryouta Kise. Kuroko thinks there’s more to basketball than just winning, and he wants to find out what that is.

Kise really wanted Kuroko to attend the same high school as him, so they could continue playing together. Kise views Kuroko as a friend and enjoys being around him, and sees him as a valuable teammate. So he was disappointed that Kuroko rejected him. It reminded me of Haikyuu’s Ushijima telling Oikawa, “you should’ve come to Shiratorizawa” (with slightly less intensity).

He must have abs of steel with balance like that.

At Seirin High School, Kuroko meets an impressive player named Taiga Kagami. Together, they’re a fearsome duo on the basketball court. Kuroko, with his seemingly lack of presence, and Kagami with his impressive build and abilities, help Seirin win their first practice match against Kaijou High (Kise’s school). Initially people are dismissive of Kuroko, until they see him in action. He is the linchpin for Seirin’s basketball team. His stealthy maneuvers, and misdirection, contribute to the effectiveness of their plays.

One phenomenal skill Kuroko has is being aware of his surroundings and reading people and their intentions. It might seem trivial, because in sports often athleticism prevails, but it is vital. It helps him play as an instrumental member of the Seirin team (especially since he is considered weak in other aspects). This ability is also helpful in day-to-day life. Being aware of his surroundings, means he noticed what was happening behind him on the basketball court, and ran over to help before Kise and Kagami even noticed. Demonstrating his strength of character and integrity, Kuroko ran over to intervene on behalf of the bullied students without hesitation.

It’s one thing to notice an injustice, but it takes a certain level of strength, character, and integrity to stand up against it (especially if you’re alone). The students didn’t ask for his help, but I’m sure they appreciated Kuroko’s intervention. In real life, cases of bullies and injustice, may call for action that isn’t direct. But sometimes direct is the right approach.

I’m glad there are still guys like that these days, especially in real life. We need them more now than ever.

Just in time, Kagami and Kise show up to help. Despite being opponents during the practice game, Kise and Kagami join forces to support Kuroko when he stands up to the bullies. The trio take on the entire group of bullies, and emerge victorious. The students are in awe.

After their stand against the bullies, Kagami lectures Kuroko about being aware of the consequences of one’s actions and safety. Kuroko’s response provokes Kagami’s ire, but Kise chuckles and commends Kuroko for being amazing. I have to agree with him. Not a lot of people would get involved to help others, especially strangers, but Kuroko did without hesitation.

Seeing how happy Kise is after their brief game against the bullies, shows how much he enjoys playing with Kuroko. Plus he admires the strength of character he has, and who Kuroko is as a person.

I’m enjoying Kuroko’s Basketball / Kuroko no Basket. Hopefully the rest of the series will be just as enjoyable. Give it a shot and see see what you think.


When preparing to enter a potentially haunted area (I’d advise avoiding it altogether), if you’re relying on salt as a level of protection, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re not actually sprinkling…sugar.


What do you do when you’re nervous or stressing out? Changing your focus and envisioning a positive outcome can help. Practice and trust in your training. Faith. Meditation. Music. Movement, like running or yoga. Rest. There are a lot of ways people handle nervous energy. Or you could view it as excitement. Sometimes our tummies can give away our nervousness. Hinata knows that very well. I’m watching Season Two of Haikyu on Hulu. In this episode, Yamaguchi is nervous about playing in the spring tournament. The thought of him repeating his blunder from the last competition makes him anxious. Yachi tries to cheer him up, but as he tells her about his ordeal, his anxiety quickly transfer to her. The group tries to make sense of it. Having experienced that on the receiving end, I totally get it. So maybe Shimizu’s guess was pretty accurate. Of course Hinata can’t resist poking at Kageyama!

True. But it’s up to us how we choose to react to it and how we handle the situation. Check out how the Karasuno Crows handle their stress, on Hulu!

New York Moments

Saw Hamilton with a friend last year! Really enjoyed it.

I’ve taken Reiki classes and am always interested in perusing books on the topic, as well as other healing modalities.

Namaste has another store a few shops down.

Some neat items at pop-up shops.

Biomagnetic Therapy

People should visit their doctor and follow medical advice. And there are health conditions where working with magnets is a very bad idea, like if you have a pacemaker. I am just writing about my personal experience.

A friend suggested I try a magnet therapy session. In a treatment, the practitioner puts magnets on various parts of the body, while the client is on a table fully clothed. She did an assessment, and I don’t know how she did it, I’m sure a lot was her intuition, but she knew things about my health I hadn’t told anyone about. I want to take a class so I can learn more about the treatment and the concept behind it.

When the magnets were on me, it felt like parts of my body were pulsating. For some magnet placements, small pillows propped them up, so it was comfortable. After the magnet placement, and discussion of health assessment and goals, the practitioner did a chakra clearing. She also did aromatherapy. I felt like I was floating, or as she said “vortexing”. At certain times during the chakra clearing I felt warmth and tingling (noting areas that needed additional clearing or attention). Certain aspects of the chakra clearing, felt like Reiki. I took a Reiki Master class a few years ago, and have found it beneficial in helping me in my daily life and feeling more peaceful. And having this session made me feel very peaceful, much like Reiki.

After the session, I felt like my senses were heightened. Lights seemed brighter. During my drive home, I stopped in a parking lot until the light sensitivity subsided.

There’s definitely something to it. I had a good experience with my session, and I look forward to going again. The practitioner, a friend of a friend, was so warm, authentic, and genuine. With my many questions, we did go over our original appointment time, but she was patient and explained everything. Even when discussing aspects of my personality (the parts I’m not proud of lol), she was kind in her approach. Her treatment room was very calming, soothing, and zen-like. She was even kind enough to send me home with a delicious dinner! She wanted me to be able to relax once I got home and not worry about making myself a meal. The practitioner recommended I drink a lot of water. I slept extremely well and I felt refreshed the following morning.

I’m eating the green veggies for my blood that she suggested!